Wednesday, May 22, 2019

WIPS: Works In Progress

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It's been a long time since my last WIPS post.  Life is starting to give me a routine where I can more easily work with yarn again.  I have a project list a mile long! 

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I've cast on a Hylan Sweater for my daughter.  The pattern is from The Velvet Acorn.  The yarn is Caron Century Collection in Robins Egg.  I've made a couple of mistakes already, to be expected as a self-taught, sometimes impatient, knitter.  I realized I was doing my left slant increases incorrectly.  I decided that this time it didn't bother me enough to frog it -- so I am forging ahead!

I'm trying to keep track of my progress using Ravelry's Project page. How do you like keeping track of works in progress?  Sometimes I don't think there's a need to catalog every project, but I do like being able to look back.  Also, it's especially helpful to have detailed notes if you have to put a project on hold for a day . . . or year.

I also have a small pile of so-very-close-to-being-finished projects.  These just need tails woven in or buttons.  Sometimes the last step of the project is the hardest.

How about you?  Are you currently able to fulfill your creative needs?

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