Wednesday, July 1, 2020

WIPS: July 2020

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I always have several yarn-y projects going concurrently.  (Let's just ignore the poor projects that have been started and are languishing in boxes and bins.)  This month I have a few bigger ones that I'm determined to finish!  And maybe even weave in all of the ends . . . 

Knitting Needles and yarn with a partially finished sweater

The Hylan Sweater is delightedly simply to knit.  It's very relaxing.  I've been catching up on some of my Netflix and Hulu shows while knitting this.  I'm using yarn that I found on super clearance from Hobby Lobby.  

I'm also knitting a Traveling Woman Shawl.  This project has a bit of a story behind it.  Originally this yarn was going to be a hat (a Mont Royal). I even had quite a bit of the hat completed, but then we moved to Florida.  Then we bought a house.  Then there was a box that sat in my craft area for a long time.  Then I rediscovered the half-done hat. I considered frogging this project and even blogged about it. I found it again, and decided that the yarn wasn't being showcased as it deserved so I frogged the hat on the spot. (No second guessing myself!)  Then I cast on a shawl . . . And here we are today!  No regrets.

Yarn ball on knitted fabric with variegated yarn

I've decided to go ahead and begin to crochet my Sophie's Dream afghan.  Dedri is hosting an anniversary MAL and I've been itching to start this project for a couple of years, so why not now?  (This won't be a project to finish in July, but I'd at least like to get it started!)

Finally, I am determined to finish the Elwood sweater for my middle child. (I shared a beginning photo on Instagram.) It came off the needles a month or three ago and he immediately wanted to try it on.  He then proceeded to wear it around the house and it has even gone through the wash.  There is at least one end that hasn't been woven in and it's missing buttons.  (Also, we live in Central Florida, so there's certainly no pressing need to wear an unfinished sweater!)

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What is on your hooks and/or needles this month?