Saturday, August 20, 2016

Free Crochet Coaster Pattern using Lion Brand's 24/7 Cotton Yarn

I received this yarn from Lion Brand.  This post may contain affiliate links.

Coaster are a great crochet project.  The are satisfying to make because you can whip a couple up in no time if you're an experienced crocheter, but even if you're a beginner it shouldn't take too long to have a completed project!  They're also perfect for trying out new stitches and techniques, since they're so small.

Lion Brand provided me with some of their 24/7 Cotton Yarn for these coasters.  It's available in 24 beautiful colors and the mercerized cotton should hold up very well to lots of use, which is ideal for coasters!  I personally found this medium weight yarn to be an absolute pleasure to crochet.  With 186 yards I have plenty for a plethora of coasters, or a couple of other projects.  The yarn is very soft and has a great sheen to it.  I also really love the way that this yarn is constructed; it's not constantly splitting like many other cotton yarns.

Have you used this yarn yet?

Crochet Coaster Pattern

I used the recommended crochet hook size for this yarn, which happens to be a G Hook.

1. Chain three.

2. 11 dc in first chain.  (This means that there are 12 stitches when you include the starting chain.)

3. *Single crochet between the dc stitches then chain one.*  Repeat around.  (This should give you twelve single crochet stitches and twelve chain one spaces.)

4. *3 dc cluster in chain one space, chain 2* around.  (This should give you 12 puffs and 12 chain two spaces.)

This cluster is done as follows: Make 3 half-complete double crochets into the chain one space, leaving the last loop of each stitch on the hook.  Yarn over and draw a loop through all 4 loops on the hook to complete the cluster.

5. *3 dc in chain 2 space, chain 1.*

6. Single crochet in each stitch and chain one space.  Fasten off, weave in those tails, and enjoy!

The five colors I used in this coaster are: Tangerine, Jade, Lemon, Aqua, and Rose.

I will admit, I really, really, really dislike weaving in the tails at the end of a project.  While I love all of the color in the above coaster, I also think this crochet pattern is really pretty with just two colors -- and I was just able to carry the yarn up to the next row for many fewer tails!

This one uses Aqua and Jade.
This one uses Lemon and Rose.

I hope that you like this free crochet pattern!  If you make any coasters using this free pattern feel free to share them on my Facebook Page, or tag me on whatever social media you use! I'm also on Instagram, Ravelry, Pinterest, and Twitter.