Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Dress Shopping with eShakti FX

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It's no secret that I like eShakti!  I love how they give you the ability to customize your clothes.  It's possible that I even suggested to my sister that she check out eShakti when she was looking for dresses for her wedding.  She did ultimately decide on a dress from eShakti for her bridesmaids, which was awesome because we were all able to chose a neckline, sleeve length, and overall length that best suited us individually.

The Chelsea Knit Dress has been on my wish list for a while.  I love the ease of a knit dress. Now, earlier I mentioned how I loved the ability to customize the clothes from eShakti, but they now have a new feature on their website that shows exactly how the customizations that you make will look!  This is called the eShakti FX.  When you see the little FX in the top right of an image that means that you can use this handy feature!  (Not quite all of the clothes have this option, but so many of them do!)

Here are some of the awesome customizations that you could make using my favorite, the Chelsea Knit Dress:

This shorter skirt could be really cute for a night out!

This length would work perfectly with some tall boots.

This is such a classic winter weather dress! 

Here's another great dress for winter weather!  (It's that time of the year here!)

This version (cap sleeves, boatneck, and floor length with heels) would be great for Christmas! It's so elegant!

And that's not even all the possibilities!  You really can make the dress perfect for you!  After all, you know what will work best for you!

I've just been having so much fun with the FX feature, I just have to show you a few more!

Both of the black dresses below start with the same base, the Cotton Knit Maxi Wrap Dress, but look how different they are!

Here's another great Christmas dress!  This one is the Floral Print Dupioni Belted Dress.  One dress, two very different looks!  (And there are so many more possibilities!)

I'm not sure when you'd need to order to have a dress from eShakti in time for Christmas, but I'm sure it's soon!  Even if you don't get a Christmas dress there are literally thousands of options for the rest of the year!

Which dress catches your eye?  
What options do you like?

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Best Little Yarn Shops (Gift Guide) 2018

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A few years ago I put together a Best Little Yarn Shop Gift Guide, and while much of it is still accurate, I thought I'd put together an updated version for 2018!

These are some of the Best Little Yarn Shops that I've stumbled upon.  I've personally used yarns from these shops and absolutely loved them.  You can click through to my free patterns and reviews to read more about the yarns and the shops.

Be sure to check out the shops' social media, because most of these places will be having sales for Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and just general pre-Christmas shopping!

Expression Fiber Arts
Check the specials page for the latest deals and coupons.

Kimaries Knit Knacks
My pattern: Sterling Unicorn

My Projects: Snowman Scarf

String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn
My Projects: In Threes SweaterCherry Twist Hat

The Violet Valentine

Purple Lamb

I have not finished any projects with the yarn that I purchased from Purple Lamb, but the yarn itself is absolutely lovely.  Carla, the shop owner, is a wonderful person and I found our correspondence delightful.  (Here's my box of goodies on Instagram.)

Is this an exhaustive list of the Best Little Yarn Shops out there? Of course not!  These are simply the best ones that I personally can recommend based upon my experiences with them. 

What about you?  What would you consider the Best Little Yarn Shop?  Whose yarn or customer service stood out to you this year?  Let me know in the comments!