Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Another Crochet Project: Virus Shawl

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A Virus Shawl is a rite of passage for many crocheters.  The pattern had been languishing in my "Want to Make" queue for years. I made my first one just last year, I don't know how I managed to go so long without making one! When I found some discounted Caron Cakes Yarn I knew I would be crocheting another one soon.

My local Michael's had the Rainbow Sherbet variety on clearance so I scoured the shelves and found three of the cakes.  It's such a cheery colorway!  I'm a bit undecided on my overall opinion of such yarn: it's really nice to have color changes without actually having to change the yarn, but the abrupt changes only work well for certain types of projects.  Happily, I think this type of yarn works really nicely with the Virus crochet pattern.

I followed Julia Marquardt's pattern, which can be found on this page for free.  There is some debate about the origin of the Virus pattern, some argue it's been around for ages especially in non-native English speaking areas, but it certainly owes a large part of it's resurgence to Jonna Martinez and her Virus Blanket Pattern.

This was my first complete project using a Furl's Crochet Hook.  This hook is certainly a luxury hook.  I was a little hesitant to put it on my birthday wish list, but after using it I quickly added more to my Christmas wish list!  I was honestly surprised at how much I loved it.

UPDATE: I wanted to give an update on how well this yarn is holding up after many months of use and washing: it still looks great! The color hasn't faded and it's softer than ever.  It has "fuzzed" a little, but certainly not excessively.   (November 2020)

Have you crocheted Virus Shawl?  Or a Virus Blanket?  Did you enjoy the crochet experience?

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