Saturday, August 31, 2013

Back to School Prize Pack Giveaway (RV $163.92) (Ends 9/13) US

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Back to school time is here and after a few months of a relaxing summer, it can be hard for everyone to get back onto their A game!  Hopefully this giveaway will help ease the stress for you and your children!

"Back to School" is different in every household!  Do your kids attend public school?  Private school?  A school with a certain personality or method, such as a Montessori school?  Or, do you home school?  Do you un-school?

-The first thing your child's school, daycare, etc., tells you to do is label EVERYTHING!  From coats, hats, and each mitten to thermos', lunchboxes and folders!  Labels work well for all situations, including home schools!  Kidecals makes it quick & easy, as they are most durable and waterproof labels currently on the market!  Read Momma Lew's review here to find out more and get a special discount promo code with free shipping on your order!

-Now that you have everything labeled, how are you going to pack or serve a nutritious lunch that your child is going to want to eat and not throw or giveaway everyday?  Get your picky eaters to try something new when their food is cut into shapes such as triangles, hearts or squares by using a FunBites!  Is your child like me and doesn't like the crust?  Quickly turn any sandwich into an "uncrustable" using the Pampered Chef Cut-n-Seal!  The Fruit & Cheese cutter will help your vegetables & fruits look fun and appetizing by changing boring cucumbers, watermelon and cheese into hearts & stars!  Feel good about giving them treats with Yum Earth Organics' Fruit Snacks!  Read Momma Lew's review to find out all about these 100% natural flavored snacks!  Package it all up into something cute and fun with a SnackTaxi reusable sandwich sack!

-When the school day is finished your children might need a few minutes to unwind from being a good student all day!  Read Mom's Thumb Reviews' review of the Kidville Rockin' Railroad CD!  With various genres of music, you and your kids will have a good time, get moving and even learn a few things about music all at the same time!  After the 45 minutes is up, everyone will be ready to get started on the evening's homework assignments!

-Finally, how about something for mom?!  Keep track of everyone's whereabouts and appointments with the 2014 Mom's Weekly Planner!  Read Momma Lew's review here to see how this will keep you organized this school year!

It is now time for you to enter this amazing giveaway!

One lucky reader will win all 8 prizes!  Retail value is a total of $163.92.

  • Pampered Chef Cut N Seal 
  • Pampered Chef Fruit & Cheese Cutter 
  • FunBites of the winner's choice 
  • Owl Sandwich Sac from SnackTaxi 
  • A Combo Set from KideCals 
  • 5-pack bag of YummyEarth fruit snacks 
  • The Mom's Weekly Planner from Peter Pauper Press - $19.99 and 
  • A Kidville Rockin' Railroad CD 

    • Three lucky readers will win a copy of the Kidville Rockin' Railraod CD as a runner's up prize! 

      To enter, simply follow the entries on the Rafflecopter below.  This giveaway is open to residents of the US only and who are 18+.  The giveaway will begin at midnight 8/30/13 and end on 9/13/13 at midnight EST.    

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      Friday, August 30, 2013

      7 Quick Takes

      All Amazon links are my affiliate links.

      1. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here you go:

      2. I'm curious, when did your "morning" sickness end?  

      3. The hubby and I have re-started Fringe.  It was a show that we were excited about, watched a few episodes, and then just didn't go back.  Well, this time around we're hooked.  (At least I am.)

      4. Yes, my daughter is wearing long sleeves in the above photo.  Yes, it is going to be about eighty degrees here today.  Yes, she's three and dresses herself.  (At least it's not the fleece lined jeans she wanted to wear the other day.)

      5. Sadly, it seems that I have nothing interesting to say for this Quick Take.  

      6. Do you like craft supplies?  Then you should enter {THIS} giveaway!  It ends September 1, 2013 and has very low entries right now!  

      7. Did you see #1?  

      For more Quick Takes visit Jen.

      Wednesday, August 28, 2013


      Work In Progress

      My crochet cable scarf is coming along.  I haven't quite felt like myself recently, which means that progress has been very slow, but there has been progress!  I think that I finally like the pattern.  I still think that it's a messy pattern to work, but it works.

      Does anyone out there knit cables?  I've been toying with the idea of learning to knit -- pretty much just because I love the look of cables.  Are they super difficult?  Once you get the hang of them can you knit them somewhat mindlessly?

      PS: I have a great giveaway for $25 to Banglewood Craft Supplies going on right now!  It ends September 1, 2013.  There are very few entries right now, so your chances of winning some fun craft supplies are pretty high!

      PPS: If you're a sewer you might appreciate this week's Wordless Wednesday post.  I'm just sayin'.

      I will be sharing this post at the following:
      Frontier Dreams with Nicole
      Work In Progress with Tami
      Yarn Along with Ginny

      $100 Amazon GC Comment Starter Giveaway

      Welcome to the Comment Starter Giveaway!

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      This giveaway is special! There are no pages to "like" or "follow". As bloggers we like to have conversations with our readers, this is just a way to get the conversation started.  I am very excited to see what you have to say! There are a lot of great blogs participating in this giveaway, so hopefully everyone will make some new friends.  Have fun!

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      Disclosure: The Philosopher's Wife did not receive compensation for this giveaway & all opinion are their own.  The Philosopher's Wife is not responsible for prize shipment or fulfillment. 

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      Tuesday, August 27, 2013

      Wordless Wednesday: Any Sewers Out There?

      I wish that I could take the credit for this one, however, all kudos go to Amber at Crazy Little Projects.

      Ok, so technically, this wasn't "wordless"; however, it didn't really involve me writing, so I'm saying it counts!  Link up your own Family Friendly Wordless Wednesday posts! 

      Monday, August 19, 2013

      Glitter and Glitz Earrings

      All Amazon links are my affiliate links!

      These earrings that I made with the supplies that Banglewood Crafts sent me for review are just too fun!  They dangle, they sparkle, they have glitz, and they have glamour!

      What's my honest review in a nutshell?  Well, they are a blast!  

      I was a little undecided what I wanted to do with the earrings at first, I could stain them, paint them, I could even decoupage them.  In the end I fell for the glitz and glam of glitter.  I really wanted to pick up the Martha Stewart Neon Glitter Pack, but my thriftiness got the better of me and I settled for Walmart's cheapest neon glitter in stock.  (And yes, the cheap stuff works just fine!)  While there I picked up some good old fashioned Mod Podge too (although in this case Amazon's price was a tad better, but they change all of the time).

      These are the "Before" earrings.  They really are a beautiful blank canvass!

      The process was quite simple: a layer of Mod Podge then a layer of glitter until well coated.  It did take a while because I had to wait for the Mod Podge to dry.  Then I just added some wire and a shepherd's hook earring.  

      So, what do you think of them?  Need to get some for yourself?  You can get the wood blanks from their Etsy Shop {here}.

      (It ends September 1, 2013.)

      $25 Banglewood Crafts Gift Certificate Giveaway (Ends 9/1) US

      Are you ready for another awesome giveaway?  I received some really fun products from Banglewood Crafts for review -- and I had a blast with them!  I am so excited that I get to share the fun with one of my wonderful readers.

      Banglewood Crafts has generously sponsored a giveaway where one of you can win a $25 Gift Certificate!

      Must be 18+ to enter.  US residents only.  Giveaway ends September 1, 2013.  The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.  All entries are on the below Rafflecopter.

      Friday, August 16, 2013

      7 Quick Takes

      1. Catherine has realized that some animals eat other animals.  (I don't think she's quite put together what "meat" is, not that she eats it anyways.)  This has lead to some interesting art.  We had a chalk scene that had a dragon eating a rhino eating a cow.  Sadly, the rain has washed away a great portion of this masterpiece, which had help from both Grandmas and one Grandpa.

      2. While playing with pipe cleaners yesterday I was showing her how to make "normal" things, like curly springs, flowers, hearts, and letters.  Do you know what she wanted me to make?  A dragon.

      3. We read lots and lots and lots of books but the only one that has a dragon in it is Sleeping Beauty (at least that I can remember), somehow it has made quite an impression.

      4. At least she thinks that dragons are cool and not too scary.

      5. Enough dragons.  I am on a cheese stick kick right now.  (Healthy, right?)  I am really craving The Best Cheese Sticks On The Planet.  Sadly they can only be found at Arthur's, which is roughly 365 miles from where I now live.  Happily, they are about half an hour from my parents . . .  So, do I have any Cincinnati peeps that have enjoyed savoring The Best Cheese Sticks On The Planet?

      6. I realized today that I have 36 drafts in my blog folder.  That's a lot of half thought out posts.  A few of them only need a few sentences before they're ready for publication!  I should work on those.

      7. Wait, back to dragons!  I think that she may have seen part of Shrek . . .

      For more Quick Takes be sure to check out Jen's blog!

      Wednesday, August 14, 2013


      So, you might have noticed that I haven't had many Works In Progress lately.  With prepping for The Move, The Move itself, unpacking from The Move, and recouping from The Move I simply didn't have crafting time.  (This post has a beautiful picture of our new place!)  Now that (most) of the boxes are unpacked I have begun to pull out my crafting supplies!

      This scarf is a bit of an experiment.  I am using this Reversible Cable Pattern from Treasures Made From Yarn, although I am tweaking it (of course) because the pattern is for a dishcloth and I'm making a scarf.  I started with a size J hook and some Simply Soft yarn from my stash (picked up at a yard sale for fifty cents!), but decided after a couple of rows that it was too lose.  I went down to an H hook, but then needed to play with the width again.  After a couple of unravelings I found a number that I was happy with (I think 30+2 for the foundation chain).

      I am still a little undecided whether or not I like how it is turning out.  The actual working of the pattern is a little messy, for lack of a better term.  At this point I think that blocking will make quite a difference, but we shall see.  I might just need to have more rows for the pattern to really pop.

      I'm also working on some awesome projects with the supplies that I received from Banglewood Crafts.  Here's just a little teaser!

      I will be sharing this post at the following:
      Frontier Dreams with Nicole
      Work In Progress with Tami
      Yarn Along with Ginny

      Friday, August 9, 2013

      7 Quick Takes

      1. Just curious, how long did it take you to unpack those last few boxes when you moved?

      2. There are lots of things that I really love about our new place, but one of the greatest features is that I will have an awesome crafting place!  I have been saving those boxes for last, but I am just about ready to dive into them!  (I think that my hubby is just thrilled that I won't have yarn, beads, paper, etc, exploding out of every nook and cranny around the house now!)

      3. Have you watched Foyle's War?  It is truly an awesome show.  (Get it from Amazon!)

      4. Another awesome feature of our new place is the Dishwasher.  I am so happy with this appliance.  Seriously, I feel like it has changed my life.

      5. Has anyone out there ever sewed with ruffle fabric?  I found some {here} and think that it would make something adorable for Catherine (and maybe even me).  I'm thinking skirts, what do you think?

      6. If you're into "liking" people on Facebook, I'd love you to come check out my page!  I have a summer goal of reaching 5,000 fans and still have a little bit to go, so any and all help is very much appreciated!

      7. Ok, here's yet another awesome feature of our new place.  We have a porch with a mountain view.  How amazing is that? (It also makes for a great place for "chalking" as Catherine likes to say.)

      For more Quick Takes be sure to visit Conversion Diary!