Friday, October 26, 2012

7 Quick Takes

I can't believe its Friday already!  

I was quite happy to find some deals at Target this morning.  I got some cute tanks for super cheap.  Yes, I'm buying tank tops in time for cold weather.  I love to layer shirts and these actually had a bit of length to them, which is perfect for what I want!  My favorite deal was a set of high-quality scrapbook markers for 75% off!  These are very hard to find discounted. 

I need to crochet faster.  Have you seen how many projects I have going right now?  Or maybe I just finish a project before starting a new one . . .  Nope, I think I just need to crochet faster!  

I'm not sure what this weekend's plans include, but I am hoping to have some craft time.  I received some awesome embossing folders for my new Sizzix machine.  I will share some pictures with you later!  I'll give you a quick teaser though . . . cute Christmas penguins are involved!

I have a question for you, dear reader.  If you have little ones do you buy them holiday shirts?  I couldn't resist a Halloween shirt I found for Catherine at the thrift store.  It was really inexpensive but it still seemed a little silly to buy a shirt with such limited use.  (Although, we decided that post-Halloween it can be a pajama shirt.)

I've been accepted to write my first guest post on another blog!  I find this rather exciting.    

I need to browse Pinterst now so that I can find a recipe for soup.  I've decided to make a butternut squash soup for dinner tonight.  This should be an interesting adventure since I've never cooked butternut in any way before.  (Do you like how I managed to add browsing Pinterst to my To Do List?)

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  1. Hello! Glad we connected via FB--now I'm your newest follower :) This seems like a fun link up for Friday. Those Target tanks--are they Mossimo? I LOVE those tanks, so perfect for layering and I love the length and how they don't lose their shape. Wear them all year too! And yes, I do feel the need to buy holiday shirts/pajamas for my daughter. I was lucky to receive some cute Halloween ones as hand-me-downs, but I'll buy them in the store if they're on sale {or at the end of the season for next year}. Also found an adorable cat costume for S at the consignment shop!

    Come check out my blog and link up with us this Sunday for a fun blog hop :)


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