Friday, February 13, 2015

Berries Blast Beanie with Red Heart Medley Yarn

This is a sponsored post.  I received this yarn from Red Heart. 

This Medley Yarn in Volcano from Red Heart is just so squishy and soft!  I was very happy that it came in the mail with my other goodies courtesy of Red Heart.

I did have some indecision on what to make with the yarn.  I have that a lot with yarn that I really love, don't you?  I wanted something that would only need one skein, so I did feel somewhat limited since 86 yards of yarn will only go so far.  I finally settled on one of Red Hear's patterns, Berries Blast Beanie.

The pattern is listed as an intermediate skill level, but I found it quite simple.  (I still think of myself as a beginner.)  The hat is worked in two parts, first the cable brim is knitted, and then you pick up stitches along the side and make the crown.  Everything is worked on straight needles and then sewn with a seam in the back.

While this pattern specifically calls for this yarn I can't quite decide if it truly highlights the yarn's vibrant personality.  Honestly, I think the beautiful cable detail gets lost in the color.  I think that the cable might be more prominent with a solid colored yarn.  What do you think?

The hat is my size, but it also fits my daughter's above average head quite nicely.  (Plus, she's a pretty cute model, right?)

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  1. I think the cables come out at different angles you took the photos. Your daughter is lovely, as is the colorway and the hat.

  2. It is a lovely hat. And what a gorgeous model - love the photos in the snow. Another hot day here in Australia, so I am very jealous of your snow!

  3. I think the yarn shows outstanding above the cable border. The stitch and the curves are stunning with the tonal differences. It's the cable that needs to be modified to show the yarn better.

    PS When you have a daughter - apparently regardless of age, you gotta know fashion is keen. So if you snooze, you lose. Moral of the story: don't lay it down ever! :) Thanks.

  4. Very Cute, Love the colors and the cables!
    I’m featuring it on Worthwhile Wednesdays!


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