Wednesday, March 16, 2016

WIPS: Forge Ahead or Frog?

It's decision time.  I love this yarn.  I love this pattern.  I'm not loving the two together.  Part of me just wants to keep going and see if I like the finished product.  I guess it's possible I will, right?  Another part of me thinks I should not waste my time and frog it now.  I do only have so much time every day.  What would you do?  

The March Yarn Fanatic Party Giveaway is pretty awesome -- four gorgeous skeins of yarn are up for grabs!

If you're curious, the yarn for this hat is a gift from Expression Fiber Arts and the knitting pattern is the mont-royal.  Also, this project is part of my "I WILL work through my WIPS and blog post drafts" project.  This week's blog post that's been in my drafts folder for almost a year would be these Narwhals

I'll be linking up at Small Things and Frontier Dreams.


  1. While I love how it looks, it you are not happy I would frog it. Great pattern and great yarn. So many possibilities. No sense in knitting if it doesn't make you smile when you see it.

  2. I can't count the number of times I have been where you are and I kept at it (although it seemed to go slower?) I was glad I did at the end! It is kind of like the reason why it seems like it takes a long time to get somewhere on a long car ride, but the ride home seems to fly by! I bet you will love it when you are done....

  3. I kinda like it! But I've been in this same situation plenty of times. I usually need someone to give me the push I need to keep going and most times I like the end result

  4. If you are not really having fun doing it then I would frog it and use the yarn you love on something different. For me, if I don't like what I am doing it usually doesn't turn out right. Good luck!


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