Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fiction and Life

A couple of days ago I watched a movie that had me absolutely bawling. Life as We Know It is not a particularly riveting drama, it is a fairly predictable chick-flick. So why did it reduce me to tears?

Because the premise is that the parents of a young girl about my daughter's age are tragically killed leaving her an orphan. That just touched a little too close to home.

And then...

This morning I finished murder mystery book (yes, another book!) where the psycho killer randomly targets mothers and their young children--again roughly Catherine's age.

Sure, both of these are works of fiction and the chances of those things happening to me and my family are incredibly slim, but they still made me pause and reflect on the important things in life.


  1. That part of the movie is so sad! I cried too.

  2. Or not so slim, considering where you live. :P


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