Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm a Stay At Home Mom...

...So what now?

I've earned some form of a paycheck pretty much non-stop since I was sixteen. During my college years I participated in the work-study program during the school year and would often work more than 60 hours a week during the summer. Post graduation I worked two jobs; a normal M-F office job and waiting tables four or five nights a week. After getting married I only worked one at one job at a time, with the exception of a couple of months. After my maternity leave I did return to work, but only part-time. "Work"--meaning I leave the house and earn a paycheck-- has been a big part of my life up to now.

I have begun a journey of a different type of "work". I will no longer be earning a paycheck but I hope to make a significant contribution to my household. Obviously, I have been a mother since my daughter was born, and I did my best to be both a good mother and a fiscal provider.

I am hoping that this shift in my role provides new possibilities and opportunities for me and for my family. Some of my goals are practical: getting and keeping the house clean and orderly. Other goals are personal: attending week day Masses. Financial goals are also important: find ways to save money while improving our quality of life. Some goals are just fun: read for pleasure.

Duty calls...

It's time for dinner.

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