Friday, November 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes

This week I made slow-cooked BBQ pork in the crock pot and my new favorite mac & cheese.  This combination is delicious!  Sadly, today is Friday and we don't eat meat on Fridays.

My Earring Extravaganza Event is happening now!  If there are any guys in my audience,  remember your wife, girlfriend, mom, or co-worker would love a pair of earrings for Christmas, so you should enter the giveaways too!

I've been working on some super cute hats for the upcoming craft fair!  Anyone live near Mount Rainier, Maryland?  Come say hi!  

(Also, if you tell me you read my blog I'll totally give you a discount!)

I've always been a little wary of the diagnosis of "brain death" and this article is yet another instance where it was premature.  A "few days" after having her respirator removed this woman recovered.  Did you notice that they waited "days" for her body to shut down?  Scary.  

Also interesting and some-what related, this man was in a "vegetative state" for years is able to communicate with his doctors.  

I wish I had the cool app where I could take pictures of checks and they would automatically be deposited into my bank account.  Of course, my bank would need to be a little fancier.  I would probably also need a smart phone.  I am happy with both my current bank and my current phone so I don't see this happening . . . ever.  However, it would be nice.  

What would you say are the truly educational kids shows out there?  Are there any?  I'd love any recommendations that you have!  (Bonus points if they're "Play it Now" on Netflix!)  Catherine is two and I don't want her watching much TV, but I do put something on for her when I need her to be occupied (i.e., in the shower or cooking dinner).

Christmas is coming!  Get ready by shopping in my Etsy shop or Amazon!  

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