Monday, October 6, 2014

Pink Butterfly Sweater: A Crochet Project With Pattern Notes

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Catherine has been begging me to crochet and knit her a few different sweaters.  (She wants a whole slew of different colors and styles!)  I finished crocheting this Pink Butterfly Sweater just in time for our first cold snap.

After browsing various pattern sites, and even borrowing books from the library, I decided to make it as I went.  (Not always a good idea, but it seemed to work this time!)  I had fully intended on taking careful notes while I constructed this sweater, but somehow that didn't happen.  Below you will find the notes that I did take.  Also, I do highly recommend the book Custom Crocheted Sweaters: Making Garments that Really Fit.  It helped me better understand sweater construction.

The button that Catherine picked from my stash is a bright pink butterfly.  I found it in the clearance bins at JoAnn's a while ago.  Always check the clearance section, you never know the goodies you will find!

Here are my pattern notes.  The sweater I made is roughly a size 5.  If you have any questions, please ask and I will do my best to answer them!

Hook size: F
Yarn: Pound of Love by Lion Brand

The yoke is a basic round yoke style.  Here's what I did (I think):
Chain 69
Row 1: sc
R 2: sc
R 3: sc
R 4: sc *1, 2 sc in one stitch.*  Repeat around.
R 5: sc
R 6: sc
R 7: sc
R 8: sc
R 9: *5 sc, 2 in one, 2 sc.*  Repeat around.
R 10: sc
R 11: sc
R 12: sc
R 13: sc
R 14: *10 dc, 2 dc in same stitch.*  Repeat around.
R 15: sc
R 16: dc
Split for the sleeves and body.   I think I had: 19 for each side on the front, 28 for sleeves, 48 for the back.
R 17: dc around, chain 16 for the underarms of the sleeves.
R 18: dc around

You really could do just about anything here.  I experimented a bit and ended up with the following:

I'm not sure if my above drawing will make much sense to anyone but myself, but it's basically three repeating rows.  The first row is the scallop, then some double crochet, then some chains, and repeat.  (By the way, that's my Knit & Crochet Notebook from "Mama's Notebooks" (note: not currently availble).  It's awesome and you should get one too!)  I made sure to double crochet the first and last three stitches on each row.

Much like the body, you could do just about anything from simple double crochet to a fancy lace pattern.  I used the same pattern that I used for the body.

I single crocheted around all edges of the sweater once, but added a few extra rows along the button placket in order to add a buttonhole.  Then I added one butterfly button.

I love sharing my projects around the blogosphere.  


  1. That sweater is beautiful!!! The girl cousins are most impressed. :-)

  2. Great job with the sweater - it is beautiful! As is your model.
    I do have to agree on the Custom Crochet Sweaters book! I flipped through one at Barnes and Noble and WOW! Such great detail. I put it on my book wish list!


  3. Rachel, your girl looks adorable in that crochet cardi! Well done! Thank you for linking it up with us.

  4. what is the pattern for a 3 year old

  5. hi rachel is there any way you can write out part of the pattern you have drawn please. by the way i love the cardigan thank you


  7. Beautiful Sweater for a sweet little girl, wish I'd seen this when my Granddaugter was little ! You are a remarkable Talent !

  8. so cute, can you close it make for an adult?

  9. Would love to make this for my great-grandaughters, but can't figure out your drawings for the body.Could you write out the instructions?

  10. Beautiful cardigan, what age group is this for in the picture.I have looked everywhere for this type of pattern,but I need to do it for a 12 yr old girl. I would be greatful for your advice or any reader who coud advise & help me Many thanks Rose.

    1. Thank you. My daughter is four in this picture I believe. You would certainly need to size up a bit. You could add a couple of rows to the yoke, keeping the increases going, and size up your hook a size or two and it might be enough. It certainly would take a little bit of trial and error. This was one of my daughter's favorite sweaters and she's sad that she outgrew it. Maybe it's time to make another one!


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