Monday, February 18, 2013

On-line Auction to Benefit Washington

Good Morning, Dear Readers!  Let me introduce you to Washington.  He's a sweet eleven year old boy who needs a family.

This child has touched the heart of a friend of mine.  Here's what she has to say:

A friend posted Washington's Reece's Rainbow's profile on her facebook page recently and my husband and I were instantly drawn to this young boy. He is in an orphanage in Africa and is deaf. Helping orphans is not simply deciding you are called to adopt. Don't get me wrong, it is a huge part of it and extremely important. But adoption is much bigger than that. Praying, giving, and helping in whatever way you can internationally and/or domestically or even fostering. Being pro-life is more than just saving babies inside the womb. It is about seeing all life as precious from the very beginning in the womb to the very last breath. I have the privilege of witnessing first hand three families right here in my home town adopting special needs children through Reece's Rainbow.

My husband and I are not in a position to adopt right now. But we knew we had to do something to help this little boy. I have taken part in several on-line auctions over the past year by donating items or bidding on items. They are very fun and a great way to help!

Washington currently does not have a family committed to adopt him. First and foremost, please pray that a family finds him. Second please consider helping his grant grow in two ways: donating new or slightly used items, etc. and/or bidding on the items listed in this auction. Third, please share on your facebook page, invite friends, and if you have a blog please blog about it. If you have items to add please contact me first.

How the auction will work: The auction will begin today and run through March 8, 2013. The auction will close on March 8 at 9pm EST. The current high bids will win the items. If an item has a starting bid it will be listed in the description. Shipping will be included by the donor to the 48 contiguous states. The item will not be shipped until a copy of your donation receipt from Reece's Rainbow is sent to me. All donations go directly to Washington's grant on Reece's Rainbow. All donations are tax deductible. His grant will become accessible to his future family when all of their commitment paper and fees are submitted and approved.

Here is a link to Washington's pro-file and place to make your donations at the end of the auction:
Please, come and check out {The Auction} and bid generously.  There are a variety of items up for auction, from handmade jewelry to the book A Diary of a Wimpy Kid!  The money will go towards Washington's grant, which will help with the cost of his adoption.

If you click on the following links they will take you directly to that item up for auction (keep in mind that this is just a sampling, it is not an exhaustive list!):


  1. What a wonderful thing you are doing. I'm going to check out the auction right now!

  2. Will be praying for Washington and hope a lot of people will help in this auction

  3. I just cried, I wish I were in the position to adopt:(
    I am saying a prayer for Washington!
    Thank you for sharing this with us(:

  4. I hope in the end everything works out for Washington. I hate to see children without healthy happy homes.


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