Friday, October 25, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1. Pregnancy: one of the few (only?) times when the aftertaste of plain water makes you sick.

2. Pregnancy is also one of those times when you can have a freezer full of (normally delicious) food, a well stocked pantry, various fresh fruits and vegetables and everything you have is utterly disgusting and completely unappealing.

3. Well, the above was true until my hubby stopped at the store for me late last night after an extra long day at work for hummus and crackers.  (He's totally awesome!)  I am going to have delicious hummus for probably just about every meal today.

4. This "Easy Mistake Stitch Scarf" is going to be my first real knitting project.  (For those of you saying, "Wait, you knit?  Here I thought you crocheted." check out this post.  For those of you who thought knitting and crocheting were the same thing, I'm sorry, but you're very much mistaken.)  

5. I might be one of the only ones, but I am loving this cool weather!

6. My latest Netflix addiction is Haven.  It is loosely based on Stephen King's The Colorado Kid.  I'm
really enjoying it so far.  I must admit, despite being a somewhat voracious reader, I haven't read any of King's work.  I get creeped out more easily reading than I do when watching t.v. -- it's much easier to hide under a blanket during a show than it is to hide words on a page.

Source: Wikipedia
7. Does anyone else's kid enjoy Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood?  It's a cute enough show based on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.  But boy, oh boy, does it have some songs that become ear worms!  Unfortunately, they have a potty song . . .

This week the Quick Takes are being hosted over at Clan Donaldson.

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  1. So happy that the weather is cooler here! It finally feels like fall.

    And I am so with you about the pregnancy pickiness. Everything is either disgusting or delicious - I'm hoping the latter part happens for you eventually.

    As for Daniel Tiger, I have to say I'm very amused that every time the girls say they don't like something, Kenny whips out the song that goes, "You've got to try new foods 'cause they might taste good!".


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