Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Another Crochet Project: Minion Hats

Aren't my two little Minions adorable?

I started these crocheted hats towards the beginning of March and finished them the day before my c-section.  Catherine even brought them to the hospital when she got to meet her brother!

Pattern Notes:

I used Repeat Crafter Me's free pattern and made adjustments as necessary.  My stitches must be quite a bit tighter than Sarah's, so I added numerous rows/stitches.  Catherine wanted her Minion to be a girl with a blue flower, so that's what I did!  There's a small blue flower on one side.  She also insisted that Dominic's Minion have two eyes and hers have only one.  Once the eyes were on the newborn hat there really wasn't room to add a mouth, so I simply left that off.  The general consensus among the family was to leave off the ties -- although I'm still debating adding them.  What do you think?

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  1. They're adorable :-) (your sweet kids and the hats!) I like them without the ties.

  2. what cuties! love the hats and the flower :) pinned!


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