Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Blue Stripes Knit Dress

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Last week was Selfish Sewing Week.  I was hoping to sew last week and blog about it . . . but that didn't happen.  Today I am sharing the Blue Stripes Dress that I made a couple of weeks ago.

I used this New Look pattern.  Overall the pattern is pretty easy to follow.  The band that goes around the neck is too short.  Or at least, I did something wrong and just don't know what.  I also goofed a bit on the front.  I was supposed to have more darting and draping, but I think it's still alright.   (I also ditched the ties.)

I love the knit fabric!  It's from Girl Charlee when they had their awesome Black Friday sale (or was it Cyber Monday?).  It's the Navy Blue Tonal Stripe Cotton Jersey Knit Fabric.  It really is quite a deal, even at regular price.  (Especially because it's 66 inches wide!)

This dress was a stretch of my skills.  I've only worked with knits once before -- ages ago at a 4-H summer program.  And, just for fun, it's a striped fabric.  Badly cut strips can look ridiculous.  Also stripes that don't match up look sloppy.  I am so happy that my stripes (pretty much) match up!  I was also excited to discover that my sewing machine had a "honeycomb" stitch just for knits.

I have such a terrible time trying to photograph myself, so I had Catherine, age four, take these pictures. How do you think she did?  While it was a delightfully warm spring-like day it was quite windy while we were attempting our photo session.  

I have the sewing bug again!  I am going to attempt Mother and Daughter Easter dresses.  (Which I need to get started right away!)  We shall see what new skills those bring!

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  1. I'm really impressed at your sewing and Catherine's photography!

  2. I second Laura! Both came out great!
    I just got a sewing machine not too long ago so I could start working up other projects, but it's hard to be a full time crocheter and invest the time and money into sewing. Phew. Props to you!

  3. WOW. Awesome sewing, girl. Very nice. PINNED to my sewing Board also. Linda Crafts a la Mode

  4. Your toddler took those photos? High five her for me! She did an awesome job. So did you! Stripes are so tricky to work with, but you lined them up perfect, and the whole thing just looks lovely. Well made :) (Found you through the Handmade Tuesdays link up!)

  5. Hi Rachel, Popping by from Shoestring Elegance and What to do Weekends to tell you we Featured your fun dress tonight! Feel free to pick up your featured button and we also have Pinned you on Our party Board! I hope you have a great weekend,

  6. I think knits are fine without lots of darts :) Your daughter did an amazing job! My 9 year old took some photos for me last year and they were terrible! He only really photographs buses :)

  7. At age four, mine took pictures of feet. Now at age twelve, mine takes pictures of feet and the sky. Congrats on having a capable kid photographer, the pics are great! Awesome job on the dress, too - I gave up on sewing knits because they always pucker in my machine - Maybe I need to find one with that honeycomb stitch. You and Catherine should both be very proud of your work!

  8. Wow! You are a great seamstress! This dress is beautiful! Great job. :)


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