Monday, August 1, 2016

Knitting Loom Hat with Red Heart Boutique Twilight Yarn

This post contains affiliate links. I received this yarn from Red Heart.

Catherine is her mother's daughter.  One of her birthday gifts was a knitting loom set.  She was thrilled.  I was thrilled that she was thrilled.  We sorted through my yarn stash and she starting naming projects for the different hanks and skeins she was finding -- which I suppose could be trouble down the line, because I already have projects slated for many of them -- but it was glorious mother and daughter bonding.  We got her set up with the loom and some yarn, and I was excited how intuitive she was about working with the yarn. (She wants to share her project with you all later!)

Of course, I was curious about the looms too.  Since her birthday gift included a whole set of looms Catherine quickly said I should use one too.  While I've been crocheting forever, and knitting since I was pregnant with Dominic, I've never worked with a knitting loom.  It was super easy and fun!  It doesn't replace a set of needles, but it's a great introduction to the world of yarn!  Or just a different way to play with yarn.

Photo Source: Red Heart
For my first ever knitting loom hat I used some Boutique Twilight Yarn in "Romantic" that I received from Red Heart.  This soft and bulky yarn was perfect for loom knitting.  I had a tiny bit of yarn remaining after I finished my hat, so the 59 yards was plenty for my hat, despite my trepidation of running out before I was finished.  As a mom, I have to mention that I love that the yarn is machine washable -- because, let's be honest, EVERYTHING needs to be washed sooner or later when you have kids.

The touch of shimmering metallic thread that runs through this yarn gives it that something special that makes this such a fun yarn!  Check out the Red Heart website for a list of available colors, and while you're there be sure to check out the related knitting and crochet patterns.  

You can also get many of these yarns on Amazon.  Can we say "Yippee!" for Prime shipping benefits?  Have you tried Amazon Prime? Here's a 30-Day Free Trial!

Which of these colors is your favorite?  
I'm particularly fond of "Jaded" today!

What have you made using a knitting loom?  Tell me about it!  Did you like it better than using  knitting needles?  Have you used a loom but never used needles?  

I love sharing my projects around the internet.  You can find me at these parties.

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