Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cherry Twist Knit Hat with String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn

How do you like my new hat?

The Marshall Island Sport yarn that I received from String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn was really fantastic to knit.  It worked up really well!  The stitch definition is beautiful.  This stunning colorway is Sterling.  I love the ever so slight color variations.  It really brings the 100% Merino wool alive. I absolutely love this hat!  My daughter likes it too.  This particular project was selfish knitting, but since each skein has 350 yards of yarny goodness, I do have enough remaining to make her a matching hat.

The Cherry Twist Hat by Unravel Me is actually a really simple pattern.  It cleverly uses smocking-like stitches to easily create a complicated looking texture. In essence it's a basic knit two and purl two hat.  Now, I do have to say, I completely mis-read the instructions both the first and the second time around, so I did have to do a bit of frogging.  (In my defense, I was sick.)  If you're at all confused when reading the directions just remember that it is based around knit two then purl two.  (But you probably won't be confused, because the instructions really aren't confusing; I was probably just in my own little brain fog when knitting it the first -- and second -- time.)  The yarn looks brand new despite multiple froggings.  I've worked with some lower quality yarns that looked terrible after just one frogging.

Also, just in case you were wondering, we are not visiting Antarctica.  Do you know where we were visiting?  Take a guess in the comments!

Talk to me!  Have you used this yarn?  What were your thoughts?  Have you knit this hat?  Have you had to frog something that was the result of a silly mistake recently?

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  1. Looking at the Ravelry page with other projects, I really love the dusty gray that you used paired with this pattern. Looks great on Catherine, and I am sure even better on you! Love visiting the penguins and watching them go back and forth jumping into the water, gliding through, climbing out and repeat. The Sanford Zoo has a Sea Otter that is equally as cute and fun to watch. :)

  2. Cool hat and a Star Wars T-shirt? Girl after my own heart!

  3. This hat is amazing!! Makes me wish I knew how to knit! haha

  4. Love that hat! Saving it to my library of patterns . . . for my next knitting project!

  5. This hat is so beautiful, and so is your model.

  6. Beautiful hat! The yarn looks awesome, too! I'm going to have to check it out!
    Thank you for sharing with #FiberTuesday link party!

  7. The hat looks great. I also like to use grey as a neutral color when I am using more than 1 color.

  8. grey works well with black or silver as an accent color for anything

  9. Grey is nice for hats as well as walls in decorating.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  10. I love using greys and browns to help highlight other colors in both clothing and in decorating.


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