Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Sterling Unicorn Hat

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This is my favorite hat right now.  I had such fun crocheting it!  This hat uses two of my favorite yarns, and I think both are stunning together.  The name of the hat is a simple mash up of the yarn colorways, but I think that it totally works!

Yarns Used
Unicorn Fields DK by Kimarie's Knit Knacks
This is 246 yards of 75% Merino & 25% Nylon hand dyed loveliness.  It even has sparkles!  Can I say that again?  My unicorn yarn has sparkles! It can be machine washed.  It is very soft and works up wonderfully.  I didn't encounter any tangles or messy bits.  Overall, it's an ideal yarn.

Marshall Island Sport in Sterling by String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn 
This is the same that I used on my Cherry Twist Hat and you can read all the details about the yarn there.

Hooks Used
Clover Amour H
Clover Amour I
(My Clover Amour hooks are my favorites!)


Please Note: This is an untested pattern.  This pattern is made from the notes that I made while crocheting the hat.  If you encounter any problems or mistakes in the pattern I would greatly appreciate if you'd let me know and I'll do my best to help and/or correct the pattern.

Using H hook:

Chain 79.
Join without twisting.
Rows 1 - 6: 78 sc across, slip stitch into first stitch.

Using I hook:

Step 1: Using grey yarn: ch 4, dc in the first st (this counts as your first V stitch). *Skip 2 sts, [dc, ch 1, dc] in the next st. Repeat from * until 2 sts remain.  (This is a fairly standard starting row of V stitches). Slip stitch together.  Pull a long loop of yarn out -- enough that your work won't unravel while you work the next row.  NOTE: You will be alternating which yarn you are working with, but you will not be finishing off each row.

Step 2: Using unicorn yarn: Chain 3 in ch sp of 1st V st of previous round 2 DC. Three DC in each ch sp around.  Join with a slip stitch.  Again, pull a long loop of yarn so that this row won't unravel while you're working the next.

Step 3: Using grey yarn: Put your hook into the long loop of grey. Chain 4 and dc between first and last V of the grey round (note, this is not in the ch sp, but between the Vs). [Dc, ch 1, dc] between the earlier grey V stitches around.  Close with a slip stitch.  Pull out long loop of yarn.  (This is the row where the magic happens for this hat.  This row is how the unicorn clusters are surrounded and made to pop.  It does take a little getting used to -- you are working this new row with the row from not the last row but the row before that one. )

Step 4: Using unicorn yarn: Chain 3 in ch sp of 1st V st of previous round 2 DC. Three DC in each ch sp around.  Join with a slip stitch.  Again, pull a long loop of yarn so that this row won't unravel while you're working the next.

Work steps 3 & 4 until you reach your desired length.

Decrease part of the crown:

Using grey yarn.  *V stitch in first space.  1 dc in next space.*  Repeat around.
Using Unicorn yarn *3 dcs in each V space.* Repeat around.
Using grey yarn. Create a faux V stitch with a (dc, ch 1, dc) around, placing a dc on either side of the single dc in the spaces of the grey row below (continuing to capture the Unicorn yarn). Repeat around.
Using Unicorn yarn. *3 dcs in each faux V space.* Repeat around.
Using grey yarn. *V stitch in space between unicorn dc group (capturing the
Using Unicon *3 dcs in each V space.* Repeat around.
Using grey yarn.  *1 dc in space of each Unicorn group from below most recent row of unicorn stitches.1
Using grey yarn. DC2TG around.
If necessary, sc2tg around.

Finish off.

This was a mash up made in yarn heaven.  Both shops were wonderful to work with -- businesslike and friendly.  I highly recommend both Kimarie's Knit Knacks and String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn, as such both can be found in my Best Little Yarn Shops Gift Guide.

I will be sharing this post at some of these awesome parties!


  1. Oh, I've been waiting for you to finish this hat! It's absolutely stunning! Those colors were meant to be together. Thank you for sharing that pattern, it's very nice and looks easy. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hello Rachel,
    this is such a lovely stitch - I might give it a try (as soon as I've got a minute to spare ;-))! And I love your colour-scheme too!
    Have a lovely day,

  3. It's such a beautiful hat. I love the colours. Thank you so much for sharing at The Crafty Corner! I hope to see you again at the next party (beginning tomorrow).

  4. Love love love it...I made it with Redheart variegated bright yarn and Redheart soft grey. Came out gorgeous!!!

  5. Hello, I am wondering if there is a video of this pattern that I can follow along with. thank you

    1. I do not currently have a video for this pattern. (I might in the future, but not this month.) I also have not seen a video with this exact stitch, although Moogly's Moroccan Stitch uses similar mechanics.

    2. Thank you Miss Rachel, someone wants me to make it for them so I have been reading the pattern you have here, I am going to follow it and hope I won't have to rip it out to many times. Thanks again for getting back to me.

    3. I would LOVE a video, as well!

  6. Ok I'm very confused about the decrease. Please can you explain that part in a little more detail? I love the way this hat is looking so far but I cannot figure out the decrease at all. Thanks!

  7. I love the colors and the sparkles. I'm skeptical of sparkles though. Do they make the hat itchy?

    1. I was curious about that as well, but they aren't! Not even a little bit itchy! :-)

  8. This is so beautiful - have never seen this stitch pattern used like this before. Wow....

  9. Hello, I found your pattern via Pinterest. It's featured on a website and I had to click through to find your blog and pattern. I hope that this feature is with your permission.

  10. What size is yarn please? I'll need to substitute. Thank you so much!

  11. This hat is spectacular! I'm going to make it for a 2 year old, any suggestions on what stitch count I should start with?

  12. I need this as an adult hat. Do you know what the chain multiple is to make it bigger? Thanks so much!

  13. I have a round up post with a collection of my favourite free crochet hat patterns. There is a link up included and I'd love it if you would link up this lovely pattern, plus any other free crochet hat patterns you have -

  14. my little girl loved it. Her granny sewed the almost same for her. Show wore it in her picture day.

  15. I want to make this for the daughter of a friend. It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen


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