Friday, May 4, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

I purchased a pool membership for this summer this week.  I am super-duper excited.  I love all things swimming.  Seriously.  There was a point in my life where I probably had as much chlorine as blood in my system.  (Not literally, obviously!)  I swam competitively, guarded, taught swim lessons for all ages, coached, etc. for years.  Then I moved away from home and I rarely had the time or money.  Now that I have the time, and we can  make the money work, I plan on becoming a pool rat.  I have big plans to go swim early morning laps (just like swim team days!) before the Hubby leaves to start his work day.  Then later go back for a couple of hours every day when they have toddler swim--just for toddlers, which will be perfect for Catherine!  I'd like to stay longer on some days, but we will have to see how much Catherine likes it.  Again, I am super-duper excited!

 I love these shoes.  They are from Lands' End and I would love a pair in every color.  They are WAY out of my budget.  Maybe they will go on sale after the summer is over!
Of course, the other problem is that I don't do very well walking in heels.  But I could practice!

I went shopping yesterday looking for a nice pair of shorts and every pair I tried on just fit wrong.  I am hoping, scratch that, planning on losing weight this summer, so I don't want to spend a lot of money on something that I only need for a couple of weeks since I do have a few pairs that I love that aren't too far away from fitting. I am seriously thinking of digging out my fabric and sewing machine this weekend. I haven't looked at my fabric stash since before Catherine--and she will be two in July--so I don't remember exactly what is in there.  I also don't have a shorts pattern, but it seems like a project where I could "wing it".  With help from the internet, of course.  (You can see shorts that I like on my Pinterest board.)

Here is a completely random photo of me from January 2011.  I am at the Mayan Lamanai Ruins near Belize, Mexico.  It was truly an amazing visit.

I've been reading Paper Roses, a cute Christian romance novel on my Kindle that I picked up for free on Amazon.  Of the completely random free books I've read so far this one is one of the better written ones.  It's not show stopping spectacular or anything, but quite a pleasant read.

Last night we made a BBQ Chicken pizza.  It was quasi from scratch, Peter had found a dough mix on sale a while back that only needed 5-10 minutes to rest and rise.  We had chicken, peppers, onions, BBQ sauce on hand and grabbed a bag of Italian blend cheese while we were out and about.  It was awesome!  Super tasty and delicious.  We did manage to make it fairly frugally--everything was either on sale and/or picked up with a coupon; however, without those things I think it would be cheaper to order from Domino's.  It certainly would save on washing dishes! Catherine refused to try it, opting for her current favorite a peanut butter sandwich.

Happy Star Wars Day!  You have to check out these cookies!

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  1. That picture from Mexico is awesome! I need to travel more. New follower! Hope to see you at True Aim.


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