Saturday, May 19, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

I cannot wait until Catherine really talks.  She uses quite a few words now, and she jabbers constantly.  She understands so much!  She does not really string words together yet--except for "peanut butter" and "I love you".  Hopefully soon.

While browsing though Pinterest, I came across this awesome How to Frame a Large Photo post.  I really love the idea and want to give it a shot.  I keep going back and forth on whether or not it would "work" in our small, and quite full, apartment--or if this is a project to save for later.
My hubby and I just watched the most recent Psych episode--we watch them on Hulu, so it was a bit delayed.  I just have to say it.  OH. MY. GOODNESS.  What a way to end the season and bring viewers back next season.  

It's almost pool season!

This picture is from May 2011--one year ago.  It was Catherine's first time in a pool.

While playing at the park the other day, I was shocked, impressed, and a little scared that Catherine was able to climb over five feet up on the rock wall WITHOUT ASSISTANCE.
It was very similar to this wall.  However, this is not it, nor is that Catherine.
She sure is a climber!

I think that my next big crochet project will be a dark purple and grey chevron afghan.  I haven't tried chevrons, or ripples, or waves, or anything like that yet and I think it is time.

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  1. LOve the idea of Seven Quick takes! Great pictures too! I am visiting from Thee Blog Hop. Better late than never right? I am a new follower. Hope you will stop by and do the same.


  2. i'm a philosopher's wife as well ;) ha my husband's always talking theology, philosophy. yada , yada! found you via the blog hop xo


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