Monday, September 17, 2012

Goodbye, Awesome Pool!






The swimming pool.

While the calendar might not say fall just yet summertime has come to an end; the pool is closed.  This summer Catherine and I joined a local pool--the PG Pool.  (Which, to my chagrin, Catherine affectionately termed the PP Pool.)  While it wasn't an incredibly cheap decision, it was some of the best money I've ever spent.

Since the pool first opened we've had our pool bag packed, and I kept my driver's license in there instead of my purse because that's where we'd go most during the week!  In the three months it was open I gave my member number well over a hundred times.  (And two weeks of the summer we spent at the beach!)  I am proud to say that I made it to morning lap swim almost every Monday through Friday.  The water wasn't always immediately welcoming at 6:30 am, but by the time I started my second lap I never had a second thought.  Catherine just turned two in July, so Toddler Swim Time was her favorite activity!  As soon as Daddy left for work she'd ask, "Pool?  Pool?"  By the time 10 am finally rolled around we were more than ready to jump in the baby pool!

Being members at the pool was great for Catherine because it gave her a place become comfortable in the water and a place to run around and play outside.  Apartment living doesn't include having a backyard, and the grassy area and the giant baby pool  more than made up for that disadvantage.  It also was great because it would tire her out before nap-time!

For me, I loved being able to swim morning laps.  Even though it can be hard to get up so early, it is so rewarding to come home at 7:30 in the morning and have a decent work out under your belt.  I also loved the "me time" that swimming provided--a calm and tranquil place where I wasn't being asked to fill a milk sippy, get more water, or read "Are You a Cow?" TWO more times.  ("Are You a Cow?" really is an awesome book, I do highly recommend it as far as toddler books go, but like any great kid's book, there really is a limit to how many times a mom can enthusiastically read a book!)  The health benefits of being active also can't be forgotten! I lost a little over fifteen pounds this summer, so that's not too bad.

With our schedule we didn't really go to the pool on weekends, that was family time and Daddy didn't have a membership, so we did miss out on meeting a lot of the "regulars" and grilling out.  But that's alright, we did meet some very nice people at the morning lap swim and toddler swim times.    Hopefully we will see them around.

If we're local again next year you know where we'll be--the PG Pool!

Oh, and of course, another benefit of being pool members?  Nice tans!

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