Wednesday, May 1, 2013


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Works In Progress

I finally finished my Chevron Afghan!  Here's a teaser picture, but once the sun is out and the porch railing is dry I will put together a full post with some full sized pictures.  I'm really happy with it.

Since I wasn't able to dig up any more of the Big Lots charm packs I decided to make the ones that I do have into a doll quilt.  Catherine is pretty excited about it, which just absolutely melts my heart.  (I know that she'll love it for about five minutes and then move onto the next greatest thing, but for now I love to hear her asking, "Is this for me?  Is it for MY dolly?")

I am using it as a practice run for using the free motion presser foot.  I've never used one before and it certainly takes some getting used to!  I do have a question though, for any one experienced using one of these, I'm having a really difficult time getting the stitch to look right on the back side (bottom), what do I need to do?  I've played with the tension quite a bit, but that hasn't seemed to make it better.

Now that I've finished the Chevron Afghan it's time to tackle my bucket of half or mostly finished crochet projects.

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  1. Nice afghan, I'm forwarded your post to my daughter who has done a ton of free motion quilting.

    1. Not really knowing what the back looks like, I would suggest to check the tension on the bobbin and needle, re-thread both and maybe change the thread...I don't do much quilting on my home machine as I have a long arm, but that is what I would check for either quilting method. Good luck and Enjoy! - Emily, Leslie's Daughter

    2. Thank you, ladies! I've been taking a bit of a sewing break these past couple of days, but I will "start fresh" tonight. :-) I am pretty sure that the thread itself is fine, but maybe just re-threading everything and re-checking the tension on everything will help. I hope so at least. Thanks again!


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