Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Teaching Time for Toddlers: Chore Charts

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Chore charts.

There are two type of people in the world: those who like lists and those who don't.

Even though I don't use them often enough, I do like having lists and personal chore charts.  They present a clear goal and there is something satisfying about crossing off items as I go through the day.

Now that Catherine is getting older I think she's ready for a chore chart of sorts.  But where do I start?

A quick search on Pinterest brings up lots of results for making your own and printables.

There are also lots of pre-made options.  Melissa & Doug have a decent looking Magnetic Responsibility Chart.  Although the Board Dudes Magnetic Dry Erase Rewards Chore Chart would probably have more staying power--i.e. would work for older kids as well as toddlers.  I also really love these Chore Magnets.

Of course, just figuring out what type of chart I want to use is just the beginning.  The hard part is deciding what belongs on the chart!  Does simply getting dressed count as a chore that can be checked off?  I mean, sure, there are those days where that seems like a victory, but do I really want that to be considered a daily accomplishment to be lauded?

One of the aspects of the Montessori method that I really do like is the fact that they expect children to help in the home and do age appropriate chores.  (Rebecca has a great post called Chores With Children the Montessori Way.)  Michelle at Homeschool Your Boys has an awesome list of chores that you can expect your 2 and 3 year olds to do. (Here's a link to all of the age appropriate lists that she has.)

I think for now I am going to go a little "ghetto" and use Google Docs, I mean, Drive, a sleeve protector, and a dry erase marker . . . or stickers on a piece of paper.

Do you use chore charts for your toddlers?  What is on your charts?

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  1. So timely! I'm thinking of creating some chore charts for my girl, but didn't know where to start. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Thanks for the links about chore charts. My 19 month-old is great at throwing away trash, putting laundry in the basket, and picking up her toys. It's never too early to start!

  3. Thanks for the invitation to link up! I'm following via RSS

  4. Thanks for referring to my blog! I'm glad you found my chore lists helpful. :) Have a great day!


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