Friday, August 9, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1. Just curious, how long did it take you to unpack those last few boxes when you moved?

2. There are lots of things that I really love about our new place, but one of the greatest features is that I will have an awesome crafting place!  I have been saving those boxes for last, but I am just about ready to dive into them!  (I think that my hubby is just thrilled that I won't have yarn, beads, paper, etc, exploding out of every nook and cranny around the house now!)

3. Have you watched Foyle's War?  It is truly an awesome show.  (Get it from Amazon!)

4. Another awesome feature of our new place is the Dishwasher.  I am so happy with this appliance.  Seriously, I feel like it has changed my life.

5. Has anyone out there ever sewed with ruffle fabric?  I found some {here} and think that it would make something adorable for Catherine (and maybe even me).  I'm thinking skirts, what do you think?

6. If you're into "liking" people on Facebook, I'd love you to come check out my page!  I have a summer goal of reaching 5,000 fans and still have a little bit to go, so any and all help is very much appreciated!

7. Ok, here's yet another awesome feature of our new place.  We have a porch with a mountain view.  How amazing is that? (It also makes for a great place for "chalking" as Catherine likes to say.)

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  1. You view is amazing! Love that.

    I went over and liked your page.

    I have lived in my current house for 25 years but I remember how long it took to unpack everything. Always great to have a spare room to shove things in, LOL.

  2. Really cute picture. Looks beautiful!

  3. WOW what a view!!!!

    I would LOVE to sew with ruffle fabric!! I haven't sewed in months!

  4. WOW, your view is so beautiful and breathtaking! Great post on getting to know you a bit! Thank you

  5. The fabric would definitely work for a skirt! It took at least six months after I moved last before everything was unpacked, which sounds horrible, but I had a baby two weeks after I moved. So was a while before the house got organized. And I love my dishwasher and don't know what I'd do without one! Well, I have been without one before, and it was miserable. I used paper plates a lot.

  6. Great view and love the landscaping, in answer to one of your questions, I still have packed boxes in my attic from a move 8 yrs. ago...guess we really didn't need that stuff! Following on FB, would love one back, Thanks :)

  7. Glad you're happy, and it sounds like you are with very good reason. :)

  8. I love the view! We live out in the dessert--not pretty dessert, but dessert covered with oil rigs and mesquites.

  9. Beautiful view!! and C's hair is so long and pretty!


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