Friday, August 16, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1. Catherine has realized that some animals eat other animals.  (I don't think she's quite put together what "meat" is, not that she eats it anyways.)  This has lead to some interesting art.  We had a chalk scene that had a dragon eating a rhino eating a cow.  Sadly, the rain has washed away a great portion of this masterpiece, which had help from both Grandmas and one Grandpa.

2. While playing with pipe cleaners yesterday I was showing her how to make "normal" things, like curly springs, flowers, hearts, and letters.  Do you know what she wanted me to make?  A dragon.

3. We read lots and lots and lots of books but the only one that has a dragon in it is Sleeping Beauty (at least that I can remember), somehow it has made quite an impression.

4. At least she thinks that dragons are cool and not too scary.

5. Enough dragons.  I am on a cheese stick kick right now.  (Healthy, right?)  I am really craving The Best Cheese Sticks On The Planet.  Sadly they can only be found at Arthur's, which is roughly 365 miles from where I now live.  Happily, they are about half an hour from my parents . . .  So, do I have any Cincinnati peeps that have enjoyed savoring The Best Cheese Sticks On The Planet?

6. I realized today that I have 36 drafts in my blog folder.  That's a lot of half thought out posts.  A few of them only need a few sentences before they're ready for publication!  I should work on those.

7. Wait, back to dragons!  I think that she may have seen part of Shrek . . .

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  1. You should definitely come home for some cheese sticks soon!!!! :)


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