Wednesday, August 14, 2013


So, you might have noticed that I haven't had many Works In Progress lately.  With prepping for The Move, The Move itself, unpacking from The Move, and recouping from The Move I simply didn't have crafting time.  (This post has a beautiful picture of our new place!)  Now that (most) of the boxes are unpacked I have begun to pull out my crafting supplies!

This scarf is a bit of an experiment.  I am using this Reversible Cable Pattern from Treasures Made From Yarn, although I am tweaking it (of course) because the pattern is for a dishcloth and I'm making a scarf.  I started with a size J hook and some Simply Soft yarn from my stash (picked up at a yard sale for fifty cents!), but decided after a couple of rows that it was too lose.  I went down to an H hook, but then needed to play with the width again.  After a couple of unravelings I found a number that I was happy with (I think 30+2 for the foundation chain).

I am still a little undecided whether or not I like how it is turning out.  The actual working of the pattern is a little messy, for lack of a better term.  At this point I think that blocking will make quite a difference, but we shall see.  I might just need to have more rows for the pattern to really pop.

I'm also working on some awesome projects with the supplies that I received from Banglewood Crafts.  Here's just a little teaser!

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  1. That pattern looks nice with the lovely coral color yarn. Enjoy!

  2. Moving takes over your life for a while. Eventually things settle back to normal. Good luck!

  3. I like the chain and the color. Nice work.

  4. Crocheting cables usually does start out kind of messy, but I had good luck with my project getting straightened out. However, I believe Simply Soft is acrylic and I have not had great luck with acrylic blocking as I'd like! Good luck!!!!

  5. Ah, moving. Thankfully, we haven't done that in years and years! Settling in takes time, but the knitting just might provide a distraction. :)

  6. The pattern definitely pops in the picture. Love it.

  7. I just moved last month, and it is a lot of work with a three year old and four year old. Knitting took a back seat, but it gives me some relaxation therapy.


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