Friday, September 27, 2013

7 Quick Takes

  1. Catherine has recently been introduced to Dinosaur Train.  She can now identify more dinosaurs that I can.  I should jump on this interest and put together an awesome "study" for her.  I even have ideas for it: hands on dinosaur toys (currently on sale), various coloring pages (check out this cool triceratops, and just check out how many dinosaur crafts pop up on Pinterest.  I just have no energy and constantly feel like throwing up, so I have no idea how to actually make this work.
  2. For those of you keeping track, I am now in week 14 of this pregnancy.  Baby's heartbeat is good and strong. Theoretically, I should be feeling better any day now.  Theoretically.  
  3. Despite my current inability to do . . . well, anything really, I have a strong desire to browse a craft store.  I hear there's a Michael's somewhere near by . . . 
  4. Back to dinosaurs, every time I hear "paleontologist" I think of Ross from Friends.   
  5. In a "bad mama" moment I forgot to bring my camera to my cousin's wedding, the one where Catherine was the Most Adorable Flower Girl Ever.  (It was a really awesome wedding!)
  6. If you were curious, going to the DMV while in the throes of morning sickness isn't a whole lot of fun.  
  7. Yeah, that's all that I have for today.  If you need more Quick Takes go visit Jen's blog and see what everyone else has to say! 


  1. Hey, found you through Jen! Just wanted to say I hope your morning sickness passes soon!!! God Bless

  2. Haha, I definitely think of Ross every time I hear paleontologist! And that's a bummer about your camera. Hopefully the bride and groom can get you copies of some of the photographer's photos!


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