Friday, March 14, 2014

7 Quick Takes

1.  I find it amusing how many people are talking about "Pi Day".  (I guess I just did too.)

2.  Checking online to track a package, only to have it say delivered, but you haven't seen it near your door is rather disheartening.

3.  Here's a pretty flower from last spring.  I'm looking forward to seeing beautiful blooms very soon!

4.  I currently am crocheting three different hats.

5.   Yes, I chuckled when I read this ecard.
6.  Here's another random picture.  This one is from the fall.  This little guy was living outside our front door and would serenade us at night.

7.  The end of this pregnancy is nearing.  I'm hoping that also means the end of morning sickness. I recently read a rather horrible article about a woman who continued to have morning sickness symptoms long after she gave birth.  I have to say, it made me want to cry.

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  1. I would be much more inclined to talk about "pie day", lol. i sure do hope the morning sickness ends when the baby arrives, how much longer do you have to go? I'm sure the article is the exception to the rule, I keep telling myself I am really not that exceptional so odds of it happening to me are slim to none.

    1. I agree, PIE day sounds much better. I have about a week before Baby comes, so not long at all!


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