Friday, July 11, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Library, Hair, Cute Baby, Necklaces, Etc.

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1.  I love the library.  Since I've been a mom I've really taken advantage of the "hold" function.  While I love browsing it just isn't the same with an entourage, so until they're old enough to look after themselves I will be putting the poor library staff to work collecting my books.

2.  Here's part of this morning's conversation: "Soon my hair is going to be too long.  It's going to go all the way to the toilet."  Who do you think said it?  Me or the resident four year old?

3.  Here's a hint to #3, I recently had my hair cut!  I had it done a couple weeks ago at the super classy Great Clips.  Honestly though, I'm pretty happy with it.  I was in a serious ponytail rut.  (My hair was up in a ponytail or a messy ponytail bun almost every day for the past year -- I think there were only three or four exceptions.  That's a rut.)  Of course, in the after picture below my hair is still a little wet from the shower, so it doesn't do the cut full justice, but it's cute!  At least, I think it is.

4.  And since hair has some how become a theme today, here's another snippet of conversation:
Me: "It's brown.  Like dirt."
Catherine: "Oh, like your hair!"
5.  How many fingers can you get into your mouth?

7.  What do you think of statement necklaces?  Do you wear them?  Can anyone pull one off?  What's the best way to "make it work"?

7.  I've been informed that it's time to go to the pool and the park.  So, that's all from me for now.  (Sorry for the super lame seventh quick take.)  Oh, here's something more fun, for a yummy grain free treat, try these Black Bean Cupcakes!  They're Catherine approved, so you know they have to taste good!

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  1. Little guy is VERY cute! Your hair is looking good. :-) And I'm going to guess that quote came from the 4 year old. They always consider practical life issues, don't they?


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