Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Shoe Review: ja-vie Flats

This post contains affiliate links.  I received a pair of shoes in exchange for my honest review.

I had received these Shimmering Black Lurex flats from  ja-vie just before we moved, and somewhere in the moving craziness they were misplaced.  I was very excited though to find them just in time for my college reunion trip.  It was a great trip, although a little bit of a whirlwind, and these shoes were perfect.

We were away from home for just over two days.  The trip included two flights, guiding two children through the airports, middle of the night car rentals, a reunion luncheon, a fancy alumni reception, dancing, church, the Homecoming football game, ultimate frisbee, and more.  I wore my ja-vie flats for everything -- except for frisbee.  These were the only shoes I brought with me, the frisbee shoes were graciously loaned to me by a friend.
Generally speaking, it's certainly a good idea to break in a pair of shoes before you wear them for two days straight -- especially when there will be lots of activity!  I didn't do that.  The first time I wore them was on the way to the airport.  Did I end up with blisters?  Nope.  Were my feet screaming for release?  Nope.  One baby toe got a teeny-tiny bit sore . . . but that could have happened while dancing or playing frisbee, I'm not exactly sure.

What makes these shoes so special?  As the website states, "these flats combine the softest double-ply mercerized cotton knit "sock" with lightweight jelly out-sole and cushioned leather insoles".   Guess what!  These shoes are machine washable!  (Not the leather insole, but the rest of it is!)

April 2016 Update: I still wear these shoes constantly.  Sometimes after church on Sundays the family and I will visit one of the Disney parks for a couple of hours.  These shoes are perfect for that!  (Although, I wouldn't recommend them for an all day visit at Disney -- while they are an incredibly supportive flat, definitely go with super-supportive athletic shoes for an all day visit!)

These awesome flats can be purchased directly from ja-vie, or from Amazon for faster shipping.Three cheers for Prime shipping, right?  Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial

Navy Khaki Baby Dots
Black Cap / Cranberry
Parrot Green Cap/ Bluebird

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