Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I have a box of Works In Progress that still haven't been unpacked from the move.  I untaped the box, looked inside, pulled out a couple of projects, and pretty much left it.  The box is conveniently sitting to the side of my crafting space.  (Which is currently covered in Legos.)

I'm still knitting my Traveling Woman Shawl, although it has taken a back seat once again, poor thing, but I'm hoping to get working on it with earnest very soon.

Here's a little teaser of a crochet project that I'm just about finished with.  I need a teeny tiny amount of black yarn, and I can't find any!  I literally have boxes and boxes of yarn, but I can't find even a couple of yards of black.  I suppose I will HAVE to go yarn shopping.

Oh, I'm also planning on sewing Catherine's Halloween costume.  And the treat bags.  I should do that.  Soon.

What are you crocheting, knitting, or sewing?  Anyone else still have Halloween sewing to finish?  Or (*cough*) start?

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I'd love it if you could show the sponsor, Chaleur Hand Dyed Yarn, some love.  She's been super sweet to work with and I want her to know how much we appreciate her generous giveaway prize.

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  1. Joining you from the Yarn along. My sweater this week is a often neglected one too. Someday when we get to wear them it will be great. I hate it when I only need a tiny bit and can't find it! Not doing any Halloween sewing this year. That yarn is very pretty in the giveaway!


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