Wednesday, January 6, 2016

WIPS: New Year with New and Old Projects

I have so many, honestly, too many, projects that are just shy of being complete.  I'm down to the last few rows of my Traveling Woman Shawl.  I love it, but it's the project that never ends.  I literally just need to weave in the ends for my Green Hat (pattern coming soon!).  I have half a wing to add to the Fairy Doll I'm crocheting for Catherine.  (Yes, it was supposed to be finished in time for Christmas.  Whoops.)

Isn't this basket for my WIPS beautiful?  Catherine gave it to me for Christmas.  I was very touched by her thoughtfulness.  I have to admit, it looks so much nicer than having a giant tangle of yarn sitting beside the couch!

I also have about five projects that I'm dying to start.  These droids are calling my name.  Additionally, I am mulling over how to tweak some existing patterns to make some characters from my daughter's newest favorite book.  

That's just the knitting and crocheting; I've also been on a sewing craze!  I got some awesome specialty fabric for Christmas as well as some other sewing goodies.

My craft nook is the kitchen looks like it exploded.  Maybe it did and that's why it looks the way it does . . .  maybe?

Don't forget you can link up all your yarn-y projects at this month's Yarn Fanatic Party!  (There's also a giveaway where you could win a set of crochet hooks and a subscription to Happily Hooked, a crochet magazine!)

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  1. What a beautiful basket! Just think of all the lovely projects you will soon have finished.

  2. I just went through all my WIPS for the New Year.....trying to make decisions about what to finish and what to let go. Love your project basket.....even if they are not done they are pretty to look at!! Happy knitting!!

  3. Oh that basket is so perfect stuffed with your knitting! My craft area exploded as well, it must be catching.......

  4. Gorgeous basket. Cant wait to see the hat pattern and a finished picture of the shawl. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hehe, I see I am not the only one fond of that cute little basket you have your work in!

  6. I have a big basket too, but I find it tends to become a graveyard for wips I don't want to finish, so I clear it out every Sunday if I remember :) Yours is way more beautiful than mine <3


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