Thursday, January 7, 2016

Crochet Dragon Hat

Look out, it's a Dragon!  Oh wait, it's a hat.

I think that this Dragon Hat is awesomeness personified.  I had seen the pattern by BriAbby ages ago and really, I mean really, wanted it.  Since the pattern is on the more expensive side (in my humble opinion) I waited for a sale.   

I've crocheted three Dragon Hats so far. I started with my daughter's as a tester.  She loved it immediately.  The whole family loved it.  In fact, my husband even said he wouldn't mind having one -- which Santa delivered.  Eventually Dominic and I will need our own.  

The pattern is well written and includes multiple sizes -- toddler to large adult.  I found that there were plenty of pictures to help with anything unusual.  The one negative is that these hats did take me awhile to put together.  There are a fair number of pieces to the dragon and then sewing everything in place does take a bit of time.  I will be making more of these though, it such a great hat!

Talk to me!  Have you crocheted a Dragon Hat?  Would you wear one?  Have you made a BriAbby pattern? 

I love sharing my projects around the web, here are some places where I party.

Pattern: BriAbby
Hooks I used: Clover Amour
Yarns: Various, including: Red Heart Soft  Caron Simply Soft,

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  1. totally cool! I love it and so fun to make the dragon in any color you want!


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