Wednesday, February 3, 2016

WIPS: Fairy, Cherry Twist, and Mont Royal

A Fairy, a Cherry Twist, and a Mont Royal walked into a bar . . . just kidding, they're in this week's knit and crochet lineup.

The Fairy is a super late Christmas present for my daughter, which I think I will simply turn into a St. Valentine's Day surprise.  The Cherry Twist Hat is the second I've made, I was so happy with the first one that I cast on another one last night!  The Mont Royal is a project that has been languishing in my WIPS box.  After last week's realization that I have a problem with works in progress and blog post drafts, I've decided to pick one of each every week and finish them.

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  1. I really like the cherry twist hat. I've been on a hat kick myself.

  2. Love that purple/gray that you're using!! I have too many wip's to count anymore!


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