Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Couple of Thoughts on "The Biggest Loser"

It's Tuesday, which means that The Biggest Loser will be on NBC tonight.  The Hubby and I will most likely switch between that and the Phillies game this evening.  (And I am thinking that we might even fit a game or two of Carcassonne in there somewhere!)  A lazy, relaxing, fun evening--which is exactly what I need tonight!

I like the Biggest Loser.  I think that it is reality t.v. with a very positive and motivating message: to get fit and healthy.

The show has had its fair share of controversy.  People say that the contestants lose too much too quickly; that it is unrealistic; that they won't be able to maintain their weight loss; that the trainers use faulty methods; etc.

So with so much controversy, what is there to like?

The contestants are inspired to live better lives by taking care of their bodies.  This healthy attitude is infectious.  I know that after watching an episode I work harder during my workouts and I make better food choices.  (Although, for some reason it seems like I always *need* dessert on Tuesdays.  Today is no different, as I am currently snacking on cookies.)

I love seeing how the people change week to week--and not just how much they lose.  It is really wonderful to hear that someone who was on various medications for high blood pressure, etc, now doesn't need to take a prescription.  And this happens every season!  I'm not anti-medicine, but I really think that in general Americans pop too many pills, especially for things that are in their control!

It also is inspiring to watch someone barely able to walk a mile in week one run a marathon a couple of months later.  It is a good reminder that everyone starts somewhere, and sometimes all you have to do is start.  When I watch someone that is twice, or three times, or even more, my weight doing push-ups I am reminded that I have no excuse not to drop and give 50, or maybe just 15.

The people that participate on this show are lucky to have access to trainers, a gym available to them 24/7, doctors and dietitians helping them, and very importantly being removed from all other distractions. This combination really helps them to succeed, when they have failed in the past.  Of course, it is still reality t.v., so there is also the drama of who gets voted out, how the teams work, etc.  And the producers do their job and make it as sensational as possible.

Sadly, not all of the contestants are able to keep the weight off when they return home from the Ranch.  This doesn't seem that surprising to me, considering that while there they spend 4-6 hours a day exercising and a very strict food plan.  I don't know about you, but I have a hard enough time fitting in an hour of exercise a day and I'm a stay-at-home-mom!  Also, I imagine that it is easier to fall into old habits by yourself at home than at the Ranch on national television.
Well, that ends my ramblings for now--the show will be on in a few minutes.

I beg your forgiveness if this is completely incoherent, a certain little girl 
thought that she might miss something last night between 3:30 and 6:15 a.m. and 
I am in a sleep-deprived daze.

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