Friday, September 9, 2011

What constitutes a "girlie" beer?

I guess this stuff fits the bill.  Chick Premium Light Beer, according to its creators is "the only American beer created just for women."  The label certainly is feminine, with its pink and black color scheme.  Which, of course, does happen to be a favorite color combination of mine!  The box is a "purse" and each bottle is adorned with a LBD.  (Little Black Dress--just to be clear.)  The packaging is adorable and eye catching!  I know I would be drawn to this beer if I saw it in the store.  As it is currently it is only available in Maryland, maybe I will see it somewhere on a shelf!

Chick Beer
However . . . 

It does seem a little "patronizing" as one Reporter put it, to think that women will want it just because its cute.  That might work once, or maybe even twice, but this product will only make money if the taste can compete with the big guns.  

Also, competing in the light beer market with Chick's 97 calories will be difficult.  Michelob Ultra only has 73 calories.  Miller Genuine Draft has 64.  Budweiser Select has 99.  Budweiser Select 55 has the fewest that I've seen at a mere 55. 

I do love success stories--regular people seeing a need for something and doing something about it.  Maybe a beer for women isn't the most noble thing ever, but they are donating some of the proceeds and that's pretty cool!  Will this beer make it?  It is hard to say.  

By the way, I barely drink beer.  The most I've ever had was when I visited Ireland--I had about half a Guinness in a local pub.  But if I ever cross paths with this beer I will try it. 


UPDATE ONE: Peter claims that saying I had "about half" of the Guinness was being extremely generous.

UPDATE TWO: Here's an article that MSN just put out about the decline of certain beer sales--notably light beers.

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  1. I think a *real* girlie beer will be pink. Yes, the beer itself. You should get to work on that. Make millions.

    Then think of me, and send me an appreciative stipend.


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