Thursday, September 8, 2011

Save the Babies' Bums!

I just read this article, which claims that due to the "constipated" economy diapers are getting changed more infrequently.  The poor kids!  I hope that (if this is true) those parents have cut other things first--like their daily Starbucks or McDonalds fix, or their weekly eating out, or need  for a new shirt, or (heaven forbid!) their daily Dr. Pepper!  You get the idea; those little luxuries can add up fast, and the poor little one's bum doesn't deserve to be the one to suffer!

The cheap, I mean, frugal side of me also just about had a heart attack when they said the American family spends about fifteen hundred dollars a year on diapers!  Oh my goodness.  If we spent that money on diapers our budget would be shot to pieces.  Seriously people, even if you don't want to use coupons (and I realize they aren't for everyone) use Amazon Mom.

Also, I wonder why the kids in India get their diapers changed three more times a day than those here do?  I did a quick search, and after reading this blogger's post, it seems that they have basically the same stuff we have here in the States, so it shouldn't be a quality issue.  Is is that, on average, we are a lazier nation?  I hope that's not the answer, but I am afraid that it might be true.

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