Thursday, January 26, 2012

I am Pro-Life

I firmly, one hundred percent, unwaveringly believe in the Right to Life of all people.  Man. Woman. Child. Black. White. Yellow. Green. Purple.  Christian.  Jew.  Muslim.  Atheist.  Old.  Young.  Born.  Unborn.

As such, I believe that abortion is never the answer.

The Annual March for Life is a time when hundreds of thousand of us "abortion protesters", or Pro-Lifers, come together to make a visible stance against abortion at our nation's capital--Washington, DC.  I was able to participate in yet another one this year--both a blessing that I was capable and curse that it needed to be done--this past Monday.

I have so many thoughts, feelings, impressions, and emotions that I would like to share about my experience--to the point that it is almost difficult to know where to start!

Let me set the scene for you . . .

Monday was a dreary day.  The sun barely made an appearance.  The rain, while never pouring, rarely stopping completely.  It wasn't freezing, but it wasn't warm either.  It really was more of a cuddle up by the fireplace with a blanket and good book type of day.

I got to the Mall early to meet up with my sister.  The weather put some kinks into the pre-March events, but people started trickling in by 10 am, and a couple of hours later the Mall and surrounding streets were full.  I went with my sister to the Students for Life Rally and then marched up the street to the Supreme Court.  Because of the Rally's location we ended up pretty close to the front of the line.  This allowed us to finish marching and watch the rest of the people come past the Court building.  They just kept coming, and coming, and coming . . .

Eventually, my sister and I threaded through the crowd to the packed-to-the-gills Union Station for some food and good conversation.  We waited in line for the bathroom with about a hundred other Pro-Lifers before walking to the bus station.

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