Monday, January 30, 2012

Once Upon A Time, in a Local Library . . .

Anyone that knows me knows that I love to read.  (Anyone that's been to my house knows that neither my husband nor I can pass up a library book sale!)  Today was another step of my daughter's journey to loving to read.  Or at, least I hope it that's what it was for her!

I've been wanting to bring her to a storytime for a while, but we kept running into trouble.  There was just so much going on--I think we had plans for Monday mornings for the past month.  Plus, there is the whole only having one car thing.  (It's not too bad, just takes a little more planning.)

This morning things finally worked out and we were able to attend . . .

Storytime at the Library!

Catherine was very good, maybe even a tad subdued.  I think that being in a roomful of her peers was a little overwhelming at first.  She sat on my lap, or stayed in our little space on the floor without any trouble.  She listened to "Where's Spot?" with rapt attention.  She danced along to the "Baby Hokey Pokey" gleefully.  She seemed a little apprehensive when the librarian got out a bubble machine but once she saw the other kids popping bubbles she relaxed.  Some of the other stories the librarian read didn't grab her attention, so we quietly read about seeds and sunflowers from a book that I had grabbed just in case.  Overall, I think it was a fun and worthwhile experience and I think we will be going again!

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