Thursday, January 26, 2012

Who Was at the March for Life?

I've heard it before . . . "Only the middle-aged and old people go to the March."  "Only white people are at the March."  "Only men are at the March."  "Only extreme religious are at the March."

Yeah, right.

(Did you pick up on my sarcasm?  Good.  Just checking.)

Here is just a TINY sampling of the size of the March.  Notice how the people
FILL the street.  Notice how the end of the March is nowhere in sight.  Notice how
 the front of the March is also nowhere in sight.  Notice the filled sidewalks.  
First of all, there were thousands and thousands of people there.  A couple hundred of thousand. 

I personally did not see ANY protesters.  Oh, I know that there were a few present.  But VERY few. And yet the media was confused.  CBS had a small slide show that only showed the handful of protesters.  They somehow missed the THOUSANDS of Pro-Lifers!  Although, I suppose that is better than the New York Times, which totally missed the entire March for Life! This blogger had some things to say about that.  The Washington Post found the same people as CBS.  Maybe we are all really Ninjas, like this guy posits. Another great article showing the senseless lack of coverage can be found here.  

Secondly, the March is filled with youth.  Check out these pictures and tell me what you see.  

Youth Group from Chicago--250 strong.
Read more about them here

My Alma Mater, Christendom College led the March.
See more of Christendom College's pictures here.

Some of my sister's group--from Kentucky.
(Thanks for the picture, Sarah!  See more here.)

Thirdly, the Pro-Life movement is a very diverse group.

Here we have a (somewhat) local High School with a group
at the March.  The Youth of America.
While abortion is not a religious issue--it is a human issue--
there were many different religions that wanted to be heard.

College groups from all across the
country came to share their voice.

I saw signs that said "Gays and Lesbians for Life", "Atheists for Life", "Jews for Life", "African Americans for Life", and so many more!  Those are just the people with signs!  Also, did you notice the number of WOMEN in the pictures?  

I guess I would like to say something to the world--

We are here, and you can't ignore our message.  ALL life is beautiful.  All life should be protected.

I am Pro-Life.

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  1. Nicely done! I like how you showed the diverse nature of the crowd. I've been to two Marches for Life (many years ago) and saw the same thing: Christians (with huge numbers of Catholics), Jews, Muslims, Protestants of all stripes, and even Atheists (that surprised me). Most were young and the majority seemed to be women. I took my young son with me and when we reached the crest of the hill before the Supreme Court we looked back down the street. The crowd was huge - hundreds of thousands that year as well. And, as you found, scant media coverage that night on the local news. It was, to them, a non-event. Fools. The tide is slowly changing towards life and history will show who had blood on their hands and who WALKED IN SUPPORT OF LIFE and actually, more importantly, prayed to God for help and did something practical to help young women cope with an unplanned pregnancy (for example, I worked at a crisis pregnancy center and provided funds to help buy supplies, and my response has been replicated countless times across the country and around the world). God bless you!

    Bob from NC


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