Saturday, July 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes

  1. I love watching the Olympics!  I am so excited that my hubby was able to set up the converter box, which has been collecting dust since we used our government issued coupon to purchase it, so that we can have NBC's coverage on pretty much all day.  
  2. An odd note regarding the Olympics: I dislike the official emblem but I really like NBC's.
  3. Catherine has decided to re-enter the "NO!" stage.  
  4. Great quote of the day, "Would you like to learn about Avicenna or animals?"
  5. The last of my recent Ebay purchases have been trickling in.  I am super excited for new yarns and beading supplies!  Now I just need Catherine to take some long naps during the day so that I can craft.  (This week I had a lot of fun playing with the resin flowers!)
  6. A commercial that plays a lot during the Olympic coverage claims that a family of four has 23 boxes of cereal a year.  To me that number seems absurdly low.  Our family of three probably goes through twice that much! So now I am curious, how many boxes really is "average"?  Are we cereal fanatics?  How many does your family go through?
  7. Go team U.S.A!

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