Monday, July 16, 2012

Great Mail Day!

Last week was a little crazy, insofar as we were having a blast at the beach and my sister was visiting!  Of course, a week at the beach throws all semblance of a "normal" schedule off-kilter, so today has been primarily focused on unpacking, cleaning (how does the house get dirty when there is no one home?), exercising (yippee for morning lap swim!), toddler swim, prepping for the week, etc.  Being gone for a week also meant that the poor mailman had quite a bit to deliver to our humble abode today.  (BTW, I love how easy it is to set up a vacation mail stop online.  I use this handy feature whenever we're out of town!)

Among the usual bills, circulars, (free) magazines and such there were quite a few small packages for me!  A while back I spent some time on Ebay bidding on ridiculously cheap crafting supplies and  a bunch of stuff came today!  I promised/reminded/scolded myself that I need to finish putting the house in order (or at least get it back to where it was pre-beach) before jumping into any crafty projects, but I did allow myself to enjoy opening the packages (and to share my excitement here on my blog!).
Here's an overview of all of the goodies that came today!
Ring and earring settings
Large and small resin flowers
I really love these flowers!  They are so cute!
This beautiful red yarn is 70% Bamboo and 30% Cotton.
And the color is just stunning.
Silver ball seed beads--2,000 of them!
Gorgeous 15 inch strand of turquoise nuggets

These aren't the greatest pictures, but you can probably tell by how excited I am that I am very happy with the quality of these super-duper-inexpensive purchases!  At most craft stores I would have easily paid over fifty bucks for all of this, but I got everything pictured for less than a quarter of that!  It really does pay to shop around and check all of your options.  (And if you have any secrets for cheaply fueling your craft addiction, err, hobby, PLEASE SHARE!)

I will share my excitement of this awesome mail day at 
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  1. I have sooo many resin flowers but still haven't used them for anything, lol. Can't wait to see what you use them for!

    Snuck over from A Bowl Full of Lemons

  2. I love good mail days! Make sure to show us what you do with it all ;)

  3. When you figure out how a house gets so dirty when no-one is even home, please let me know. I have been trying to figure that out for years!


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