Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teaching Time for Toddlers

(Sorry this is a wee bit late!)

Today I am not going to share a toddler project or activity.  I want to share something that has made my life a little easier.  It is a very simple product.  It saves my little family both time and money.

What is it?

The Snack Trapper.  

I purchased a two pack of these about a year ago--shortly after Catherine really started eating Cheerios--on sale at Target. (Amazon has them too!)  My girl has always been a roamer, and I'll admit we didn't really enforce a high chair eating rule.  She also has always been difficult when it comes to food--seriously, from day one--so anytime she was interested in eating I wanted her to be able to grab something.  So for the longest (ok, not really that long) time I would put Cheerios in a plastic bowl or leftover container.  However, inevitably there would be as many on the floor by the end of the day as she consumed.  This meant that not only did I (or the hubby!) have to clean it up every day and night but that we were spending money on cereal just to throw away.  (Even if I try to only buy cereal when it's on sale and with a coupon and aim to never spend more than a buck a box it was still quite wasteful!)

I love the Snack Trappers.  While they don't completely stop accidental spills they do amazingly well.  Most spillage comes when she puts her hand in and pulls out too much.  The handles make it super easy to hold.  It is fairly easy to clean (certainly easier than a sippy cup!), although if I had a dishwasher I wouldn't put this in there--I am not sure how well the soft plastic lid would hold up.  Catherine uses her two trappers daily and they have held up quite well with hand-washing.  Having these around means less sweeping and less waste, now that's something I can live with!

Do you have anything Toddler related?  Did you do any cool activities?  Make something special?  Do you have any words of wisdom to share?  If it is anyway toddler related I'd love to see what you have!  Feel free to link up multiple posts--and they don't have to be written recently.  My button is on the left, feel free to grab it.  (Not necessary, but nice!)



  1. thanks for the invite, linked up 2 post:-), G+ and tweeted it for you. FSPDT

  2. My son has the Gyro Bowl for snacks like cereal and goldfish. It's good about preventing messes.

  3. My daughter likes to count her cereal in the bowl for some reason! Counting and eating is fun for her I guess!

  4. I love this and love the name "snack trappers" -really cute.

  5. I bought one similar to this and the 10 month cant figure it out haha. She is scared to put her hand in it

  6. My son has this and we love it!

  7. I love, love the snack trappers. We've gotten good use out of ours.
    I'm late to the party, but thought I'd link up a couple of posts from this week. Thanks for hosting!

  8. We have never had one of those. I saw a gyro bowl in target but decided it was too small and hard to clean.


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