Friday, March 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes

ONE I can't be the only mommy out there who loves to watch ABC Family teen dramas, right?  Such as Wildfire?  Please tell me that I'm not!

TWO My favorite internet tool is being retired.  Google Reader will be no more as of July.  I jumped on the Reader bandwagon early, and have loved it!  Where will I read my (many) favorite blogs now?  (They do have this handy tool to help with the moving process, but I just don't want to move!)  What's your favorite way to follow blogs?

THREE I just finished making the prize for my Crafter's Dream Giveaway!  I will share it with you next week--so stay tuned, because *I* think that it's pretty cute.  I just hope that Stacey likes it!

FOUR My girl has been on a bit of a Finding Nemo kick recently, so while I browsing Fail Blog recently, this one made me stop and smile.  

Although, sadly it looks like it is just a part of Walt Disney World, and it looks like this is the original source.  Still cool though.

FIVE We recently purchased a doll stroller for Catherine.  (Similar to this one, but cheaper.) We even got it brand new, it wasn't from a thrift store or a pass me down.  It was seriously money well spent.

SIX We have a new Pope!

SEVEN It's been a bit of a crazy week here -- the hubby was out of town (out of the country, in fact) for most of it and Catherine has had a cold and I'm dealing with a slight eye issue, etc, etc.  Here's hoping for a peaceful and relaxing weekend!

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  1. I love all the colour in your post!! :)

  2. Nope not the only Mom who loves ABC family shows.Going to watch wildfire because of reading your blog. My daughter and I are always looking for things to watch. Try switched at Birth. We watched until this season ( not on Netflix yet)
    Didn't know about google reader I use it often but frankly prefer to get blog updates by email
    Intrigued about your dream giveaway!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I feel like the only blogger who doesn't read other blogs using google reader! I just read them in email!


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