Friday, March 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes

  1. I have a cold.  A nasty, mean, won't-go-away cold.  I don't like it.  
  2. This list of Embarrassingly Bad Book Covers is hilarious.  I think two of them tie for my "favorite": Huck Finn and Turn of the Screw.  I mean, seriously, what where they thinking?!?!?  Did they even read the back page synopsis? Which is your "favorite"?
  3. Can you sign this petition?  Basically a German homeschooling family was persecuted (i.e., jailed) in Germany for homeschooling and where granted asylum in the US and now the US is thinking of sending them back.  This petition needs 100,000 signatures for Obama to look at it.
  4. I was able to put an adorable French Braid in Catherine's hair this week.  Her hair has been long and thick enough to do it for awhile, but getting her to sit still that long is near impossible.  Once I charge the camera batteries I will share a picture. (I somehow managed to kill the batteries to our awesome camera and my point and shoot within a couple hours of one another.  Very inconvenient.)
  5. My goodness, sitting at the computer is exhausting today.
  6. Does anyone have any great I'm-sick-and-just-want-to-watch-Netflix-and-keep-the-toddler-out-of-trouble recommendations?   
  7. I'm going to be lame, and make this my seventh Quick Take: go visit Jen's blog for more!

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