Wednesday, March 20, 2013


What I'm Working On This Week

I haven't been as busy with my crafting projects as I would like recently.  Our little home got hit with a nasty cold bug that brought any progress (on anything . . . crafts, dishes, laundry, etc) to a screeching halt.  We're all on the upswing now and are so happy.

I've made a little bit of progress on my giraffe.  I think he's looking pretty cute!  I also (finally) took the plunge into patchwork quilting.  I'm using a small charm pack as the center and will use fabrics from my stash for the boarders and backing.

Frontier Dreams with Nicole
Work In Progress with Tami
Yarn Along with Ginny


  1. The giraffe is looking cute! I hope your family is on the mend from that cold, it has hit a lot of families around here as well!
    The fabric you've chosen for your patchwork quilt is really pretty, I need to get back to my sewing machine as well. I have 2 quilts in progress that I'm eager to finish!

  2. Nasty cold bug... I sympathize! We had a few of those, family-wide, during the winter. It is true that the world almost stops for a few days when it strikes!!

  3. I've been lucky so far and haven't caught a nasty bug. One and a half week to go until spring break. I hope my energy will last as long ... Good that you feel better now. Will you show the quilt when it's finished?

  4. Oh that cold bug is bad. My dh had it and I all but put on surgical gloves and mask during that week. Your blocks are bright and cheerful; that will make such a pretty quilt.

  5. Oooo! I'm excited to see more progress on your quilt! I'd really like to make one, but I haven't taken the leap yet.

  6. Hi Rachel!
    I'm here from the Mingle with us blog hop!
    Tx for cohosting, newest follower here on GFC!


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