Wednesday, April 10, 2013


All of my crafting came to a stand-still the past two weeks for Holy Week and Easter Week; however, now that things have returned to normal I've been back at it!

I am making reversible fabric headbands.  I'm really excited about these!  I stumbled across some really cute fat quarters at my Wal-Mart.  (Please, tell me that I'm not the only one who buys fabric from Wal-Mart!)  My local store is pretty unorganized and the craft section has been getting downsized, so I was pretty happy.  I've already cut the pieces from these two fabrics:

Oddly enough, the thing that I simply couldn't get my hands on was the elastic for the headbands.  My Wal-Mart was supposed to carry it, and they even had place on the wall for it, but it was all out--or at least not in the craft aisle (we often find things very strangely shelved at this particular store).  Micheal's didn't have any in stock either.  My closest Hobby Lobby is quite a hike and Joanne's, while closer, still isn't very convenient.  I ended up ordering some from Amazon (this one, but the price has since gone up).  Here is the elusive elastic, displayed on one of the many before-mentioned fat quarters.

I've also added a couple of rows to my Chevron Afghan.  I'm on the last skeins, so it is almost finished!

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  1. Followed you over from Yarn Along ;) Your afghan looks amazing ... afghans & blankets look so daunting to me, although I love the idea of maybe knitting a blanket out of small squares that I could do a little bit at a time. Maybe one day! Enjoy the rest of your week. Wendy

  2. My mom has knit 2 or three chevrons...I'm looking for something for her to change up to!! gotta keep her busy and learning new tricks!

  3. oops! pushed publish by mistake. I really like your colors. Waiting for a display of headbands. trying to see the size of elastic...pretty skinny??


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