Saturday, April 20, 2013

Great Accessory Deals on Amazon

While browsing Amazon I can across the following deals.  Hurry, prices change quickly and often on Amazon.  Also, while shipping is free, it does look like a lot of them come from overseas, so it might take awhile.  

The links are my affiliate links.  I really do appreciate and thank you for your support. 


  1. Ha! I'm just commenting the heck out of your page today. I've had that multicolored peacock clip in my cart since December. The blue one is prettier, I think.

    Did you buy one? Is it heavy? It looks heavy.

    1. I love comments! ;-)

      I go back and forth which one I think is prettier . . .

      I didn't actually get one. (Yet . . .) I was wondering about the weight too. Although, if it's too heavy you could always put a tiny ponytail in with the barrette over top--that should keep it in place.


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